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All Natural Safe Solution for Permanent Male Enhancement


If you’re looking for the most effective and affordable way to safely add length and girth… Magnum Rings*!

Most companies selling penis enlargement and male enhancement products would like you to believe you must spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for effective enlargement. The truth is that to achieve a permanent increase in length and girth is not as complicated as they say. Rather than using pills, traction devices, pumps and other useless devices, the key is stressing tissue to promote cell growth which adds size and mass. Magnum Rings allow you to create the necessary stress to cause cell growth.

The All Natural Safe Solution for Permanent Male Enhancement

Magnum Rings* offer a GROUND BREAKING Technology.

There is so much misinformation and so many scams out there that most men have given up on the goal of permanent penis enlargement. Meanwhile the solution is quite simple: The answers to permanent enlargement can be found in the art of bodybuilding and how size and mass are added. No big secret or new discovery here, just a natural physiological processes available to everyone. When stressing tissue, the body goes into a natural process of creating new cells making you larger. The stress caused by lifting huge amounts of weight allows the bodybuilder to create micro tears in the tissue which causes cell growth to naturally repair the tissue. Permanent penis enlargement is achieved in the same way. The question becomes how do you safely stress the penile tissue to create micro tears and cause cell growth? The answer is Magnum Rings*.
Magnum Rings* offer a common sense and simple solution for stressing tissue to quickly break down tissue walls and cause the micro tears needed to create cell growth. So simple but many men have a hard time believing it could really be this easy.
Magnum Rings* allows you to naturally and efficiently manage and direct a large amount of blood into the penis. By leveraging the increased blood flow with intense internal pressure, you create the necessary stress to break down the tunica walls and create micro tears which then heal, causing the growth as these tears are filled in with new cells.
Traditional male enhancement products including supplements and even Viagra temporarily increase blood flow but none provide the blueprint for stressing tissue for permanent enlargement.

After years of research

Recent studies have confirmed that the use of extenders and traction devices DO promote growth by stressing tissue to create micro tears.

The problem is you have to wear them for six hours a day with minimal gains in length and no increase in girth. According to PE experts, you will need to wear a traction device for 1000 hours for every 1″ gain in length. Magnum Rings is the first in a new generation of products that focus on cell growth and modern technology. They “Jump start” the process and accomplish the goal of creating micro tears in a more efficient manner so you will experience significant gains in less time. Please note that all permanent penis enlargement is a gradual process that takes time. PE is a marathon rather than a sprint. Magnum Rings will speed up the process by allowing you to break through tissue walls for quicker results.

what are the risks

With Magnum Rings*,

Safety Comes First

What If I experience Pain?

Many people who write us are concerned about the safety of PE in general and why Magnum Rings* are safer than the other methods including jelqing. As with any form of physical exercise, there are risks associated with PE and the numerous enlargement systems currently available. Whatever system you select, it should be practiced slowly and with caution. While it is common to have bruising and soreness, if you experience pain you should stop. This includes Magnum Rings!

Listen to your body.

Most PE systems use external pressure to cause stress which creates the micro tears needed to stimulate cell growth with mixed results. Pumps, extenders, hanging, clamps and even jelqing rely on devises (or hands) to externally stress the penile tissue. With Jelqing, one’s hands apply the stress by pulling, bending and stretching the penis. In our opinion, this puts the sensitive penile tissue and arteries at great risk. While the Magnum Rings* system uses some traditional jelqing techniques, they are at a much lower intensity level. The unique aspect of Magnum Rings* is that the pressure and stress are created internally by increasing blood flow to the penis. Our patented method forces a surge of blood into the penis which causes enough internal pressure to create the necessary micro tears. This surge and pressure are created by gently pressing on the scrotum area. There is some soreness and bruising associated with the formation of micro tears which typically goes away in a day or two. In our opinion, this surge of blood is not only more effective but is also safer! Again, the key is taking it slow and listening to you body.


“I have been doing to PE for years and I think Magnum Rings have the potential to be a contender in the male enhancement market. The principle they are built upon is solid. The rings are the right gauge and sturdiness to achieve what they are supposed to do. I use them 2-3 times per week in between manual PE and pumping and they achieve what they are advertised to do- keep the pressure and blood in the right area.”
Jim, New York City

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