How it Works

The Goal is to Increase length, girth and hardness.

Our Unique Methods & Techniques

Your Penis is made up of a complex network of tissue, muscle and veins.

It is important to remember that Magnum Rings* alone DO NOT increase blood flow. It is our unique methods and techniques that will cause you to direct additional blood to the penis. Magnum Rings* are different than anything else on the market. They allow you to slow blood from leaving the penis and returning to the body. At the same time, you introduce a surge of new blood into the penile chambers which causes the stress needed to promote growth. Using our method of pressing on the scrotum area increases blood flow to the penis and creates intense internal pressure causing the micro-tears.

With the Magnum Rings* technique, you will grow and strengthen the chambers in the penis so they will accommodate increased blood flow.

During this process of stressing the tissue and creating micro tears, there is a slight tingling sensation and no pain whatsoever. Please note that not everyone feels the “tingling sensation”.

The naturally occurring physiological process of cell regeneration is common in modern science. You may have heard about animals that regrow body parts? Stimulating cell growth is also common in dental surgery and liver transplants. In fact, in a few African and Asian cultures, women lengthen their necks by stressing tissue and bone to cause cell growth.

The ground breaking technology is what makes Magnum Rings* unique and exciting in the world of Penis Enlargement (PE). By slowing blood from returning to the body and then introducing even more flow, you create what scientist call, “high tension overload” to cause micro tears and stimulate cell growth.

Stretching the Tunica Albuginea

Experienced PEers call it “breaking the wall”.  The wall (or tunica) is a sturdy layer of tissue below the penile skin that surrounds the penis columns and keeps everything in your shaft in place.

The key to significant and permanent penis enlargement is stretching the tunica wall so the columns can enlarge and hold more blood. Sounds simple but the tunica is very dense tissue that is NOT elastic. The only way to stretch the tunica or “break the wall” is to apply pressure on the tissue over an extended period of time. With Magnum Rings, you are able to create the necessary pressure and internal stress to gradually break down and stretch the tunica wall for significant increases in length and girth.

While we are on the subject of the tunica, there are several additional points to mention:

  • The thickness of the tunica is different for every male and is genetically determined. The thicker the tunica, the longer the PE process will take. A few men have double tunicas which makes enlargement very difficult.
  • Penis pills and pumps will not stretch the tunica. They may temporarily increase blood flow to the penis but they do not provide the stress and tension that is needed for permanent enlargement.

Gentlemen, there is good news and bad news when it comes to stretching the tunica. The good news is that once the tunica begins to stretch, increases in length and girth come quickly and accelerate over time. The bad news is that it can take a year or more to get to this point of rapid growth and this is why we liken PE to a marathon rather than a sprint.


How to Use


15 Minutes Every Other Day

Recommended usage is for 15 minutes every-other-day. If you have tried extenders or penis traction devices there is none of this six to eight hours a day routine.


Increased blood flow

By using our patented method, you increase blood flow into the penis to create the necessary stress on the tissue.


No Discomfort

Magnum Rings are easy to use and there is no discomfort as you create the stress to the penile tissue to cause the micro tears.


Ring Placement

One Magnum Ring should be placed at the base of the shaft. The second, just below the tip or glans area.

Magnum Rings should be worn snug but loose enough to allow the in-flow and out-flow of blood. Magnum Rings are not a clamping device and should NOT be worn to constrict blood for extended periods. Please follow the instructions included with your order.


Detailed Instructions

Our detailed instructions will guide you on techniques for significant increases in length and girth.

What to expect

How Long Does it Take to Get Results

see results in 30 to 45 days

Everyone is different but you should begin to notice increases in length and girth within 30 to 45 days. We will provide you with how-to instructions on simple techniques to boost blood flow to the penis vascular system and chambers.

The key to successful enlargement is applying pressure over the course of 15 minute sessions every other day. It is important to have “off days” to allow healing and the essential cell growth.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to consult your physician before you begin any type of PE program.

what’s the end game

How Many Inches Can I Add?

Again everyone is different but men who have used Magnum Rings* for several years have reported gains up to 4″ in length and 2.5″ in girth. In the first 12 months, gains of 1.5 to 2″ are common. We don’t expect you to have the same results as the next guy but in all honesty, it’s up to you. You must take action and be committed to your 15 minutes every other day. As you become more advanced, you may want to try using Magnum Rings* daily for shorter periods of time.

We’re Here for You

Coaching Program

When you purchase Magnum Rings you automatically become a member in our Coaching Program. That means we are always here to answer questions and provide helpful tips along the way. Our commitment to you does not end with your purchase!

What to Expect

Our customers helped develop a brief list (of some) of what you can expect when using Magnum Rings:


As you break down the tunica walls, your flacid size will increase and will be larger than before starting with Magnum Rings. Often, flacid gains will occur first before erect gains and this is a sign of progress.


Like any workout you will experience periods where you see more growth and then times when you experience less. This is known as plateauing and is normal. Work through it!


You may experience slight growing pains on the off days as healing of the micro tears occurs.


Though not necessary, some customers say they are able to boost results with occasional use of Viagra, Cialis and some supplements containing nitric oxide which increase blood flow to the penis.


Your partner may appreciate the use of lube for increased comfort.


As cell walls break down, your skin may develop a temporary "woven cloth" texture which will go away after you stop PE.


You may experience darkening of the penile tissue.


Possible temporary acne caused by increases in the hormone DHT and Testosterone-DHT conversion.


Some customers experience occasional headaches that go away after working out.


Since the penis is now holding more blood, your orgasims will be stronger and more intense. You may experience temporary dizziness as more blood returns to the body and brain.




“I recently received my Magnum Rings and love them! I have been practicing PE for years with very little or no results. I feel confident that it will be different this time with your product. Unlike other methods (pumps, traction devices, clamping), Magnum Rings are totally painless and the feeling of wearing them is very fun. I love how it feels wearing the rings! I am able to maintain much, bigger than usual erections where I feel the tingling sensation all over my shaft that the instructions mention. The tingling sensation reminds me of the feeling I have just before having an orgasim when having sex except I am able to maintain that state for a very long time (longest I did was half hour). Question: What is the purpose of the ring that is placed below the head of the penis? I feel it contributes to something but I alternate with and without it and there is plenty of blood in both configurations. My first measurement will be around the middle of the month….but already my partner did notice that I was bigger (she is unaware of my Magnum Rings usage) and commented on my size when we recently had sex.”

Nicolas, Paris

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