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Magnum Rings Reviewed!!!


Magnum Rings is a new product using an updated design to help guys achieve something that’s remained elusive for a very long time- ACTUAL SIZE GROWTH!… Magnum Rings may have stumbled upon a way to actually get it done.


Magnum Rings is an all natural solution that will surpass expectations as results can be seen and felt This new innovative product can not be beat! It is safe and simple to use, making it a potential game changer in industry technology.

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Nicolas, Paris

I recently received my Magnum Rings and love them! I have been practicing PE for years with very little or no results. I feel confident that it will be different this time with your product. Unlike other methods (pumps, traction devices, clamping), Magnum Rings are totally painless and the feeling of wearing them is very fun. I love how it feels wearing the rings! I am able to maintain much, bigger than usual erections where I feel the tingling sensation all over my shaft that the instructions mention. The tingling sensation reminds me of the feeling I have just before having an orgasim when having sex except I am able to maintain that state for a very long time (longest I did was half hour). Question: What is the purpose of the ring that is placed below the head of the penis? I feel it contributes to something but I alternate with and without it and there is plenty of blood in both configurations.
My first measurement will be around the middle of the month….but already my partner did notice that I was bigger (she is unaware of my Magnum Rings usage) and commented on my size when we recently had sex.
I almost forgot to mention another observation. Your product is particularly efficient in expanding the Corpus Spangiosum. Mine has never been as big as when wearing Magnum Rings. That is really cool….For the first time ever I am unable to touch my index finger with my thumb when I put them around my shaft……Once I am able to do that without wearing Magnum Rings, I’m going to say: Mission Accomplished!

Jim, New York City

I have been doing to PE for years and I think Magnum Rings have the potential to be a contender in the male enhancement market. The principle they are built upon is solid. The rings are the right gauge and sturdiness to achieve what they are supposed to do. I use them 2-3 times per week in between manual PE and pumping and they achieve what they are advertised to do- keep the pressure and blood in the right area.

Max, Denver

I have been happy with my Magnum Rings purchase and have found them easy to use. The one drawback, I would say, is that the latex rings could be more durable. I had one ring snap so I don’t know if something more durable would impact the way it feels when wearing because they are comfortable and easy to use. I have noticed I am getting larger and my erections are better after using the rings. I think it is a great product!

John, Santa Barbara

I am 57 years old and feel like I’ve tried every penis enlargement product out there. Until I found MagnumRings.com nothing had worked and I wasted a lot of money. Since I purchased my rings about two years ago I have added between 3 to 4 inches in length and two inches in girth. Plus the quality of my erections have improved tremendously! My only regret is that I didn’t find Magnum Rings 20 or 30 years earlier. Regardless, I enjoy knowing that I am now in the Top 1% and my wife is enjoying that too!

John, London

I have been using Magnum Rings now for 7 months during which I have gradually seen improvements in my erections (harder), flacid and volume. I have seen length and girth increases but I haven’t measured to be precise. I find them easy to use as well.

Ramon, Las Vegas

I am very satisfied with my Magnum Rings! I’ve noticed gains in length and girth! I look forward to staying in touch.

Matt, San Diego

I do believe I’m seeing gains! 1) My erections have gotten better, stronger and harder. 2) Fuller erections. 3) Length and girth gains are in small increments but this is only the 3rd month since I started using Magnum Rings. These are early times but I do see improvement and progress.

Jeff, Austin

I’ve been incorporating Magnum Rings in my shower sessions and I feel like it’s made a difference. Pushing 8″ with a little extra girth. Would highly recommend and my wife admitted I am bigger.

What to Expect

Our customers helped develop a brief list (of some) of what you can expect when using Magnum Rings:


As you break down the tunica walls, your flacid size will increase and will be larger than before starting with Magnum Rings. Often, flacid gains will occur first before erect gains and this is a sign of progress.


Like any workout you will experience periods where you see more growth and then times when you experience less. This is known as plateauing and is normal. Work through it!


You may experience slight growing pains on the off days as healing of the micro tears occurs.


Though not necessary, some customers say they are able to boost results with occasional use of Viagra, Cialis and some supplements containing nitric oxide which increase blood flow to the penis.


Your partner may appreciate the use of lube for increased comfort.


As cell walls break down, your skin may develop a temporary "woven cloth" texture which will go away after you stop PE.


You may experience darkening of the penile tissue.


Possible temporary acne caused by increases in the hormone DHT and Testosterone-DHT conversion.


Some customers experience occasional headaches that go away after working out.


Since the penis is now holding more blood, your orgasims will be stronger and more intense. You may experience temporary dizziness as more blood returns to the body and brain.



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