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How It Works

The world of penis enlargement understandably is met with a great deal of skepticism. This industry, like any, has it’s share of bad products and people who misrepresent the success of their systems. We’ve all seen ads for male enhancement products that include pills, weights, traction devices (extenders), pumps, jelqing and exercises. Some work in some ways while others… not so much.


Magnum Rings work by keeping blood in the right place....the penis. While also slowing it's return to the body. Put on your rings when you reach 70% capacity and/or hardness.


You create the required "high tension overload" by gently pressing on the scrotum area. This overloads the penis with blood causing micro tears in the penile tissue resulting in cell growth.


MagnumRing's design conforms to the natural shape of the penis. This makes it more comfortable and effective - because it works WITH the erection - not against it.


With the Magnum Rings System, you introduce a surge of new, nutrient rich blood into the veins and arteries in the penis. In addition to causing growth, you will experience a heather penis with improved erection quality.


When worn properly, MagnumRing's adjustable design doesn't pinch the urethra closed. This means it can be worn for the necessary time pain-free and not cause any negative effects.


Remove MagnumRings by loosening the band from one of the ends.. Wash after each use, and replace it about every four months! Should be used for about 15-min, 3X per week.

Growing your manhood shouldn't be difficult, painful, or embarrasing. Stop overcomplicating it.

The MagnumRings System is a patented, safe and simple solution for permanent penis enlargement
that’s proven by SCIENCE and backed by a 60-Day Guarantee.

How do MagnumRings work?

The key to significant and permanent penis enlargement is stretching the tunica wall so the columns enlarge and can accommodate an increased volume of blood. Sounds simple but the tunica wall is very dense tissue and will only stretch when regular and intense stress is applied. With Magnum Rings, you create an intense surge of blood to cause “high tension overload” which will stretch the tunica allowing your penis to hold more blood. This is the missing link! 
No elaborate routines, no pills, no pumps, no bulky equipment. Just 15-minutes every-other-day to see measurable growth.

It’s true for everything:  Stress + Rest = Growth

The answers to permanent enlargement can be found in the art of bodybuilding. The stress caused by lifting weights allows the bodybuilder to create micro tears in tissue. This causes natural cell growth to repair these tears which adds size and mass. Any form of body modification, including permanent penis enlargement, employs the same physiological process to stimulate cell growth. By creating micro-tears in penile tissue you naturally stimulate cell growth to repair these tears – increasing length and girth.

There are A LOT of choices - Here's how we're different:

We guarantee your growth!

We offer a money back guarantee on MagnumRings for 60-days. If you don’t experience the results YOU want, simply return your MagnumRings and we will refund the amount paid for the product; no questions asked.
Give us the chance. You have inches to gain and nothing to lose!

What Our Customers Have To Say...

MagnumRings is a new product using an updated design to help guys achieve something that's remained elusive for a very long time - ACTUAL SIZE GROWTH! MagnumRings may have stumbled upon a way to actually get it done!
MagnumRings is an all natural solution that will surpass expectations as results can be seen and felt. This new innovative product can not be beat! It is safe and simple to use, making it a potential game changer in industry technology.
I recently received my MagnumRings and love them! I have been practicing PE for years with very little or no results. I feel confident that it will be different this time with this product. Unlike other methods (pumps, traction, clamps) these Rings are totally painless and the feeling of wearing them is very fun. The tingling sensation reminds me of the feeling I have just before an orgasm except I'm able to maintain that state for a long time. My head has never been bigger than when wearing MagnumRings. And my wife has already said she can feel the difference.
I have been using MagnumRings now for 7 months during which I have gradually seen improvements in my erections (harder), flacid size and overall volume. I have seen length and girth increases but I haven’t measured to be precise. I find them fast and easy to use as well.
I think MagnumRings have the potential to be a real disruptor in the male enhancement market. The principles they are built on are solid. The rings are the right gauge and sturdiness to achieve what they are designed to do. I use them 2-3 times per week in between manual PE and pumping and they achieve what they are advertised to do - keep the tension and blood in the right area.
Boston, MA
I do believe I’m seeing gains!
1) My erections have gotten bigger, stronger and harder.
2) Fuller feeling when flaccid or erect.
3) Length and girth gains are in small increments but this is only the 3rd month since I started using MagnumRings. These are early times but I do see improvement and progress.
San Diego, CA

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