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There’s a new player in town for permanent penis enlargement and male enhancement!

Ever wish you could add length and girth to your penis size? Maybe you’ve tried the numerous male supplements, penis pumps, extenders or other options without success? 

We are happy to announce there is an affordable, patented and ground breaking technology that is helping men safely and naturally increase penis size. This unique, scientific system known as Magnum Rings, works by creating micro tears in the penile tissue which causes the body to naturally create new cells, making you larger.

With Magnum Rings, you will begin to see gains in about 45 days however significant enlargement is a long term process. Honestly, If you’re unable to commit to 15 minutes every other day, you should save your hard earned money for something else.

How Magnum Rings* Work?

Your penis is made up of a complex network of tissue, muscle and veins.

As we age, the quality of our erections decline as blood vessels clog with plaque and narrow. With the Magnum Rings system you introduce new, nutrient rich blood to the penis to keep veins and arteries healthy. Most men will experience firmer, harder erections as an added benefit while also increasing length and girth.

It is important to remember that Magnum Rings* alone DO NOT increase blood flow. It is our patented methods and techniques that will cause you to direct additional blood to the penis.

Magnum Rings* allow you to slow blood from leaving the penis and returning to the body. At the same time, by pressing on the scrotum area you introduce a surge of new blood into the penile chambers. The stress caused by this surge creates intense internal pressure leading to the formation of micro tears and cell growth.

Magnum Rings are a safe and simple solution for male enhancement and permanent enlargement.

Money Back Guarantee

What if I’ve Tried Penis Enlargement Products with No Results?

The world of permanent penis enlargement understandably is met with a great deal of skepticism. This industry, like any, has it’s share of bad products and people who misrepresent the success of their systems. We have all seen ads for male enhancement products that include pills, weights, traction devices (extenders), pumps and jelqing exercises. Some work in some ways and others…well, not so much.


We guarantee your success!

We offer a money back guarantee on Magnum Rings for 60 days. If you don’t experience the results YOU want, simply return your Magnum Rings* and we will refund the amount paid for the product; no questions asked. We guarantee your success!

significant gains in length and girth

Permanent Penis Enlargement

There are hundreds of companies that claim their products will make you larger. The truth is that these pills, devices, etc. are almost always ineffective and some can cause permanent damage. Traditional medicine still says risky surgery is the only way to increase size. In the last few years, the process of cell growth and regeneration has come to the forefront and become widely accepted as the future of penis enlargement. This is definitely not rocket science; it just took us awhile to get here.


“I have been doing to PE for years and I think Magnum Rings have the potential to be a contender in the male enhancement market. The principle they are built upon is solid. The rings are the right gauge and sturdiness to achieve what they are supposed to do. I use them 2-3 times per week in between manual PE and pumping and they achieve what they are advertised to do- keep the pressure and blood in the right area.”

Jim, New York

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