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Our customers helped develop a brief list (of some) of what you can expect when using Magnum Rings:

☑️ As you break down the tunica walls, your flacid size will increase and will be larger than before starting with Magnum Rings. Often, flacid gains will occur before erect gains and this is a sign of progress.

☑️Like any workout you will experience periods where you see more growth and then times when you experience less. This is known as plateauing and is normal. Work through it!

☑️ You may experience slight growing pains on the off days as healing of the micro-tears occurs.

☑️Though not necessary, some customers say they are able to boost results with occassional use of Viagra, Cialis, or other supplements which contain Nitric Oxide to increase blood flow.

☑️As cell walls break down, your skin may develop a temporary darkening or "woven cloth" texture which will go away naturally.

☑️Possible temporary acne caused by increases in the hormone DHT and testosterone-DHT conversion.

☑️Since the penis is now holding more blood, your orgasms will be stronger and more intense. You may experience temporary dizziness as more blood returns to the body and brain.

☑️Remember to take it slow and stop if you feel pain. Don't force your growth or you could injure yourself.

How It Works

The world of penis enlargement understandably is met with a great deal of skepticism. This industry, like any, has it’s share of bad products and people who misrepresent the success of their systems. We’ve all seen ads for male enhancement products that include pills, weights, traction devices (extenders), pumps, jelqing and exercises. Some work in some ways while others… not so much.


Magnum Rings work by keeping blood in the right place....the penis. While also slowing it's return to the body. Put on your rings when you reach 70% capacity and/or hardness.


You create the required "high tension overload" by gently pressing on the scrotum area. This overloads the penis with blood causing micro tears in the penile tissue resulting in cell growth..


Magnum Ring's design conforms to the natural shape of the penis. This makes it more comfortable and effective - because it works WITH the erection - not against it.


With the Magnum Rings System, you introduce a surge of new, nutrient rich blood into the veins and arteries in the penis. In addition to causing growth, you will experience a heather penis with improved erection quality.


When worn properly, Magnum Ring's adjustable design doesn't pinch the urethra closed. This means it can be worn for the necessary time pain-free and not cause any negative effects.


Remove Magnum Rings by loosening the band from one of the ends.. Wash after each use, and replace it about every four months! Should be used for about 15-min, 3X per week.

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Important Questions

Most people see initial results in 30-45 days.

Everyone is different but you should begin to notice increases in length and girth within 30 to 45 days. We will provide you with how-to instructions on simple techniques to boost blood flow to the penis vascular system and chambers.

The key to successful enlargement is applying pressure over the course of 15-minute sessions, every other day. It is important to have “off-days” to allow healing and the essential cell growth.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to consult your physician before you begin any type of PE program.

Again, everyone is different, but men who have used MagnumRings for several years reported gains of up to 3″ in length and girth.

In the first 12-months gains of 1″ – 1.5″ are common. We don’t expect you to have the same results as the next guy, but in all honestly, it’s up to you.

You must take action and be committed to your 15-minute routine, every other day. As you become more advanced, you may want to try using MagnumRings daily for shorter periods of time, or combine them with other PE methods.

When you purchase MagnumRings you automatically become a member of our private Coaching Program. That means we are always here to answer questions and provide helpful tips along the way. Our commitment to you does not end with your purchase.

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