• 1. Optimal Blood Retention:

    Magnum Rings are designed to maintain blood flow in the penis while slowing its return to the body. This process is key to effective enlargement.

  • 2. Strategic Placement for Maximum Effect:

    Place one ring at the base and another just below the glans. By applying gentle pressure to the scrotum, you create a "high tension overload," leading to micro-tears in the penile tissue. This stimulates natural cell growth and enlargement.

  • 3. Ergonomic Design for Comfort and Efficiency:

    The unique design of Magnum Rings conforms to the natural shape of the penis, ensuring comfort and effectiveness by working in harmony with your erection.

  • 4. Enhanced Blood Flow for Health and Growth:

    The system encourages a surge of nutrient-rich blood into the penile veins and arteries, promoting not only growth but also a healthier penis with improved erection quality.

  • 5. Safe and Comfortable Use:

    The adjustable design of Magnum Rings ensures they don't pinch the urethra, allowing for pain-free use without negative side effects.

  • 6. Simple and Effective Routine:

    Use Magnum Rings for 15 minutes every other day to see results within four to six weeks. Your order includes detailed instructions for optimal use.