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If you're looking for the most effective and affordable way to safely add length and girth...Magnum Rings!

My name is Jack Armstrong and I am the founder and Product Developer of Magnum Rings. In 2008 my career in real estate was all but destroyed by the recession and housing crisis. I spent a lot of time at home on the computer searching for a new career. Having always been fascinated with the concept of permanent penis enlargement, I started reading every article, report, and study on the subject. Eventually I came across the topic of body modification, which has been in use since the beginning of time, and is still practiced today. Bodybuilders can transform from an average joe to a superhero. Some ancient and modern tribes like long necks, or big earlobes, or even stretched bottom lips...

Those and all other forms of body modification rely on physiological processes of stressing tissue to create micro-tears which causes the body to make new cells and promote significant changes. This science is proven and tested by time and I had a specific application in mind. Thus came the birth of the Magnum Rings system which employs the same science and is achieved through a series of quick exercises and stretches performed over time.

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Thank you for the opportunity to introduce Magnum Rings.
Some say that mens’ desires for a larger penis goes back to the beginning of time and is linked to masculinity and sexual prowess. Today, the internet and porn influence men on the ideal penis size. I’m not sure most men think their penis is too small but like the idea of being well endowed.

In the 1990’s, I was one of the consumers that bought Enzyte and other bogus products that were introduced about that time. Do you remember “Smilin’ Bob”? In 2007, during the Great Recession, I had a lot of free time and spent much of it on the internet reading and studying every article and opinion on the subjects of male enhancement and permanent penis enlargement. I’ve always felt every problem has a solution.

My research led me to the subject of body modification. Body building with weights is one example of how a body can be permanently transformed by stressing tissue to generate cell growth and increase mass. I assumed that I could use these same physiological principals and apply them to penis enlargement. These processes involve stressing tissue with “high tension overload” that creates micro-tears leading to cell growth to repair the tissue (micro-tears) resulting in increased mass.

The Magnum Rings system works by allowing the user to create “high tension overload’ in the penile tissue causing micro-tears and stimulating cell growth. The overload is created with blood in the penis and body. One ring is placed at the base of the penis and a second ring  just below the glans or tip of the penis. The necessary stress and overload is created by introducing more blood into the penile tissue. Our patented method of pressing on the scrotum area creates the high tension overload to cause micro tears. Unlike traditional cock rings which constrict blood in the penis, Magnum Rings slow blood from returning to the body while allowing the user to overload the tissue with new blood from the body.   

Starting out, we recommend using Magnum Rings for 15 minutes every-other-day. As the user gains experience that can be increased to every day but it’s important they listen to their bodies. Men describe a pleasurable “tingling” sensation during their 15 minute sessions. The user may experience some bruising and associated light pain but should stop if there is sharp pain or anything more concerning. Everyone is different and everyone must listen to their body. Men embarking on this journey (or any penis enlargement program) are advised to consult their physician before starting.

We guarantee that men will begin to achieve visual results within four to six weeks. Again, everyone is different and results will vary depending on the users commitment to the Magnum Rings system. Gains of three inches in both length and girth can be achieved with consistent use over a period of two or three years. We feel it is important to remind men that permanent penis enlargement is a long term process and takes time. Take it slow and please remember SAFETY COMES FIRST!  Eventually, the Tunica (dense layer of tissue) will stretch and gains come much more rapidly.

At first glance, some men confuse Magnum Rings with soft cock rings which don’t provide permanent enlargement. The Magnum Rings system slows blood from returning to the body rather than constricting blood in the penis.  
Of all the studies I’ve read, penis extenders (aka traction devices) offer some hope for permanent penis enlargement. One major problem with extenders is they have to be worn eight hours a day for about six months. While the stress of traction may create the necessary micro-tears, these products focus on length gains and very little on girth.  In the end, gains are minimal and these devices cost hundreds of dollars.
Penis pumps may provide temporary enlargement but I’ve never heard anyone (except the manufacturer) make claims of permanent gains.
Magnum Rings provide an efficient, cost effective system for male enhancement and permanent enlargement.

Magnum Rings retail for $39.95. We offer free shipping in the U.S while overseas customers pay a flat shipping charge of $20. 

For retailers and distributors we offer a scaled pricing structure based on the number of units ordered. Please contact us at for more details.

We offer a “no questions asked” money back guarantee for 60 days. We do require the product be returned in order to issue the refund. I can tell you that feedback from customers has been very positive and the number of returns over the last two years can be counted on one hand.

The response has been fantastic from customers that purchased from our website at We have had positive reviews from several sites including, and Some of these are affiliate marketers and others are not selling our product.

The success and feedback we’ve experienced has convinced us it’s time to take Magnum Rings to the next level. We are excited to work with distributors and retailers to introduce the Magnum Rings system to the major European markets.

While most of our sales are in the U.S., we have a significant number of customers in Europe. We also have customers in Australia, Africa, Asia, Canada, and pretty much worldwide.
For retailers, there is a minimum order of 10 units. We welcome hearing from interested retailers and distributors to discuss their needs and confirming the price-per-unit based on the quantity required.

We have a range of online materials and are looking at Point of Sale options.  Our packaging and instruction manual (included with each order) are attractive and professionally produced.

Good question. 10% of our current sales are in Europe. We feel this can expand significantly with broader exposure and eliminating the shipping costs ($20.) from the U.S.

As a brand, expansion is always something we are looking at, but we have no immediate plans.

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